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5-1/2 Questions to Ask Before Making a Video:
The Pagano Video Method

5-1/2 Questions to Ask Before Making a Video - The Pagano Video Method 

Question 5: What Do We Want the Audience to Do?

Welcome back!  We're almost at the end of our discussion of the five and-a-half questions you need to ask in order to make a great promotional video.  I call it the Pagano Video Method.  It works!

So far, we've created a back story, and we've learned about the company and product, established our goals, and learned something about the target audience.  With all that in mind, we move on to one of the most important questions:  What do we want the audience to do after viewing the video?  

Until you answer this all important question I can guarantee you one thing:  Your video won't get results. 

For an effective promotional video, there has to be something you want the viewer to do.  We've touched on it a little bit in question 3, which deals with intent, but now we want to get the viewer to take action.  We've already wowed them with our story, the benefits of the product and so on.  Now we have to tell them what to do. 

Possibilities include...  

  • Buy our product
  • Call for information
  • Visit our website
  • Tell your friends about us
  • Like us on Facebook
  • Write to Congress

You can even ask the viewer to check back next week for another video.  What you want them to do is up to you, but the important thing is you have to ask them to do something.  In marketing, it's known as "the call to action." 

If you're doing your job well, you'll have a script that's powerful, a video that's worth watching, and you'll have given the audience lots of reasons to act.  But they won't act unless you tell them what to do.  Tell them!

And with that, we've covered the five basic questions in the Pagano Video Method.  But there's one more -- an important yet funky half-question that we'll get to next time.  See you then!

Fred Pagano


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