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5-1/2 Questions to Ask Before Making a Video
The Pagano Video Method Part 4

5-1/2 Questions to Ask Before Making a Video:
The Pagano Method: Part 4 - Audience

Welcome back! 

In our previous articles, we've looked at the first three questions in my method to producing a great promo video.  As a result, we've built a back story for our product, learned about it, and decided what we want the video to accomplish. 

Now it's time to learn about the audience. 

Question 4:  Who are you talking to?

Question 4:  Who are you talking to?
Your video won't be effective if it doesn't make a connection with viewers.  If it's a sales video, it won't be effective unless it addresses their needs.  To connect with viewers and address their needs, you've got to know your audience -- not just who they are, but what they care about. 

There's no set formula to figuring out this stuff.  Although there is plenty of audience research available, determining who your audience is and what they care about takes thought and insight. 

Let's do the easy stuff first.  As a business person, you should be keeping data on your customers.  So you probably already know lots about your customers' demographics:  Their age, gender, occupation, income, and so on.  Demographic information forms the base layer to your video approach by supplying key facts about your audience.  If the product to be featured in your video is an expensive luxury car, then a video that appeals to high school students won't do you any good.   Your video needs to appeal to people with high incomes.  That's basic marketing. 

Then there's psychographics -- the attitudes and beliefs of your target market.  What do they believe in?  Do they believe in showing off their success?  Are they more modest?  Do they care about the environmental impact their purchases make?  Or do they just want to have fun?

Let's say the expensive luxury car that's the star of our video turns out to be the biggest car on the road, a giant SUV.  From the list above, which group(s) do you think will be interested in it, and which would not?  I'd say the guys who want to show off their success would be interested in the 2013 Guzzler, and possibly also those who just want to have fun.  Given the car's gas consuming nature, the Greens aren't going to like it very much. 

Many of the videos I produce involve heavily regulated industries.  They may be my client, or my client may provide services to these industries.  At the moment, I'm working on such a video, and I've been thinking a lot about the people who work in this industry.  What are their concerns?  How did they get into the business?  And how do they feel about recent calls for even more stringent regulations? 

Well, I think these people are proud of their work.  They're responsible.  I suspect they're quite nervous, maybe even scared that increasing regulation might drive them out of business.  

So the video I'll make for my client will appeal to the audience's attitudes.  We'll respect their pride, and acknowledge their responsible behavior.  We'll relate to their love for the product, and even try to allay their fears.

In the end, we'll produce a video that speaks directly to the needs of the audience.  We've taken the time to learn who they are and what they care about.  That's step four to creating a successful video. 

Next, we'll talk about The Pitch as we explore the fourth question of the Pagano Video Method.  See you then!



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